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Customer Testimonials

Sometimes, our satisfied customers like to share the reasons they love the Connect Io Intelligent Oven so much. We hope you enjoy reading these comments as much as we do...

"Thanks TMIO, you rock!"

"This is the most amazing innovation I have seen in all of my years in the appliance world. This oven blows people away, especially youth!"

"It [Connect Io Intelligent Oven] is a fantastic convection oven that you can control by phone or Internet. Our Generation Chef students cannot keep their hands off of it. It will be a fantastic addition to our demonstration kitchen, especially for our Comcast shows. We are truly blessed with this gift and we will be able to show it off to thousands of guests every year, the Gen Chefs are going to flip when they see it at the center."

"Thanks TMIO, you rock!"

Rachelle Boucher
Founder & Executive Chef
Savor the Moment, LLC & the Generation Chefs

"We were stunned at the quality of our dinners..."

"I'd like to take this opportunity to express how pleased we are with our new oven from TMIO. When we first saw the oven on television we knew the concept would fit our busy lifestyle, however we were concerned about the oven's ability to perform. I didn't know whether this was a gimmick or something that would actually improve our lifestyle."

"After having the oven for a few months and putting it through the paces, I will tell you this is the finest oven I've ever owned. Surprisingly it worked much better than we truly expected. The refrigeration, touch screen, Internet and phone modes work rock solid. The main pleasure is the way it cooks our food. We were stunned at the quality of our dinners in this oven compared to our former oven."

"Knowing everything I know about this oven, if I had to go back in time and pick an oven for my home again, I'd purchase the TMIO again without hesitation."

Allen & Joy F.
Portland, Oregon

"The oven was flawless..."

"Thanks [TMIO]!...Hope you had a great holiday season. Our Thanksgiving & Christmas was great & the oven performed exceptionally! Everything we cooked turned out great. We are really enjoying the oven. It has performed perfectly in every way. We've put it through it's holiday paces with a 22 lb. turkey, Christmas cookies, numerous pies, a few ducks, and a prime rib!"

"The oven was flawless. Both Peg & I have been amazed at how well it has performed. In addition, we posted photos up to the minute photos of our guests on the screen saver during the holidays. It was a real treat."

"Also, my sincere thanks to your topnotch [TMIO] team for going the extra distance to ensure that the installation went smoothly. [The team] were just great!"

Bill & Peg
John's Cabin, MD

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