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TMIO Announces 2007 Launch for Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM Expanded Product Line

CLEVELAND, OH -- October 30, 2006. TMIO announced publicly today an expanded Intelligent Oven product line based on the original Connect Io double wall oven of consistent accolades. The original Connect Io double offers remote control by Internet and telephone, and comes with built-in refrigeration to keep foods fresh before and after cooking. These advanced remote features allow homeowners to communicate with the oven to give cooking, warming, and refrigeration instructions so that "dinner is ready when you are."

The Connect Io Intelligent will now come in three additional Professional Series models:

  • PS301SS00 Single Refrigerated Wall Oven
  • PS301SS01 Single Non-Refrigerated Wall Oven
  • PS302SS01 Double Non-Refrigerated Wall Oven

The new non-refrigerated models offer all the same high end features of the original premier double refrigerated, including easy to use touch screen menus, digital control for superior cooking performance, and the ability to control the oven from outside the home.

In addition to NASA-based command and control engineering, all Connect Io models sport the best energy efficiency due in part to superior and clean ceramic oven insulation, also based on NASA's space technology. Connect Io is also the only truly "green" and environmentally-safe oven on the market, because unlike most other brand ovens, Connect Io does not use toxic fume producing formaldehyde in its insulation.

The Connect Io Intelligent Oven double has been awarded more than any other oven ever manufactured. The new single refrigerated oven will be unveiled at the January 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in the NextGen Home; and again at the February 2007 International Builder Show in Orlando, FL.

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